Cardiff Devils on a role.

The big story in the UK after the Christmas break is the Cardiff Devils. Yes Cardiff a club often forgotten about in the Elite League in recent years except for the goonish antics of captain Brad Voth. But the club from the Welsh capital have managed to break the elite league record for wins in a row by posting an incredible 18. The 6- 1 win over Dundee put daylight between Belfast’s record 16 games and set a club record 8 road wins in row.
This a fantastic achievement for a club without the biggest budget in the league. Yes people will say it is the tiny rink but you can’t play small rink hockey in the big arena’s like Belfast. This is massive and will see Cardiff be there or thereabouts come April in a refreshing change to seeing Nottingham perpetually telling us it is their year when obviously they a die a death down the stretch.
I still however want Belfast to win the league. They have a smart team backed by the smartest suit in the UK, coach Doug Christiansen and it would be fantastic for the GB team to head off to the worlds with a league winning home grown netminder.

Elsewhere the festive period ended with an amazing 8-7 victory for the Manchester Phoenix over Telford Tigers coming back from 4 goals behind in the EPL. In the process the Phoenix stay 3 points ahead of Guildford at the top.


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