It could be worse

There are a few UK cities where long established but forgot sports live on backed by a strong force of passionate fans. The ice hockey cities are among those as are the Speedway towns. Short track dirt motorbike racing has been in the UK since 1927 and since then the team format of the sport has gone through many changes.
Like ice hockey this has been to do with some clubs having more than others and differences of opinions without a con-census. Like ice hockey in the UK this is mainly to do with the owners running the league.
However speedway’s latest spat has seen the league champions and play off contenders both quit the top flight and miss their opportunity to join the lower two leagues. This left the Coventry Bees and Peterborough Panthers without a league to ride in and groveling back to the top flight elite league asking for there place.
However the elite league had already promoted two clubs and told Coventry and Peterborough that they could ride but without the Sky TV money.
To make matters worse an announcement was due on friday and has now been put back meaning either the league season will be delayed or started without them. Leaving a serious lack of available personnel.
Away from the league problems Speedway has many other things in common with Ice hockey including club debt, under sponsorship, poor facilities. Whilst we can all agree these need to change it is the how that can not be agreed upon. But the Speedway problems highlight the need for action to be taken sooner rather than later as Ice Hockey in the Uk will not recover from a similar incident. So the powers that be need to heed the speedway warning and act now.



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