Are the Hartford Whalers Really Gone But Not Forgotten?

Today in 1997 the Hartford Whalers played their last game before heading south to Carolina to become the Hurricanes. Whilst never the most glamorous side in the NHL they never the less are a missed outfit. Found memories of Gordie Howe in the green and blue tug on the heart strings.
When you compare Hartford to other former NHL towns there appears to be little enthusiasm for the show to return. Hot on the heels of the Charlie Sheen’s rant to bring back the Winnipeg Jets there have been moves and social network campaigns in support of the idea and jumping on these coat tails the Quebec Nordiques faithful have stepped up the efforts to ignite a bid for the NHL to return. Yet Hartford Whalers don’t seem to have had a look.
Perhaps it is because the Conneticut Whale of the AHL have arrived in town but the presence of the Manitoba Moose in Winnipeg has not changed the passion for the Jets. It can not even be down to the celebrity factor as Les Nords do not have a movie star fighting their cause in a rant. The Nordiques have also mustered support in the traditional Canadiens territory of Quebec and eastern Canada showing it would be possible in the traditional Bruins heartland of North Eastern USA and New England to drum up support for the Whalers.
Could it be that with the Whalers poor NHL record that the NHL has made a good decision in allowing the franchise to move to Carolina from a heartland of ice hockey in North America?
Or is the support for the Whalers more of a quiet one. Only time will tell if Hartford will join Oakland, Cleveland and Kansas City in the pile of cities disgarded by the NHL. The same can of course be said for Winnipeg and Quebec but as it stands they stand more of chance of becoming the next Atlanta or Denver in being a city brought back into the NHL fold.


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