Time For the NHL to Make a decision

With the latest rumour now going round the north american press that the Atlanta Thrashers have been sold to True North and will be moving to Winnipeg. It is about time the NHL came out and said something that everyone can understand.
The whole legal jargon that the NHL has bounded round for the past 6 months about the whole Phoenix/ Glenndale/ Haussler/ Winnipeg / True North and now /Atlanta has left all NHL fans without a legal degree from an ivy league college without a clue of what is going.
It is now time that the NHL came out and said everyone needs to calm down and take a step back. No one is going anywhere before the end of the 2012 playoffs.
It is in the best interests of everyone involved and the sport as a whole. From an NHL view point the teams involved moving would shake up the divisional and/ or conference set up with other teams moving around to accommodate a Winnipeg franchise. In terms of making a schedule impossible to create until the situation is confirmed on an as yet unforseeable date.
The move would also affect the AHL with the Manitoba Moose effectively being forced out of Winnipeg. The NHL situation is preventing the AHL from creating a schedule and the Moose from being relocated and the NHL Vancouver Canucks from being assured of a farm team next season.
It also doesn’t seem fair on the fans. The longer the entire situation progresses the less time the fans will have to buy season tickets in any city. It also not fair that the either the Phoenix Coyotes or the Atlanta Thrashers would not get to play a final game in which to say goodbye.
I would love to see NHL hockey back in Winnipeg as I would in Quebec but I would also be sad to see it go from Phoenix or Atlanta. At the moment the NHL seems to have let this get out of control and are on course to bodge another relocation of one its franchises.




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