2011 Blueliner Hockey Trip

You are probably not really wondering how the Blueliner spends his summer but if you were you might think he mimics his on ice counterparts in winding the long summer days down on the golf course. Whilst I do know the difference between a 9 iron and driver the Blueliner is purely about ice hockey.

In the past 2 years the Blueliner has headed off to watch the sport in USA, Canada, Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, Wales, England and even Yorkshire and Nottingham. Seeing national teams, outdoor games, NHL and National League. Sadly due to some technical issues I have not been able to bring these to you. This year though I would like this to be different.

For the past few weeks I have been looking around and speaking to a few people to establish this seasons big hockey adventure. Currently Geneva is a front runner as is Ljubljana although only the Swiss League have released their fixtures so far. As always all information on events, where to go, stay and drink is welcomed and greatly received.

As soon as arrangements are finalised you will be first to know and hopefully come October there will be some live blogs from where ever the Blueliner ends up.


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