Olympians Should Acted Like It

During my recent break with my local scout troop we were unfortunate enough to meet an olympic gold medalist. I say unfortunate because this was some one I thought would be an inspirational figure and someone the 4 teenagers I was with would look up to. However instead of passing us by during the coast to coast adventure race James Cracknell unleashed a 4 letter tyraid and proceeded down the mountain avoiding the path and further setting a poor example to the impressionable youths in my care.
Over the years I have been fortunate enough to meet a few sports stars from sports such as ice hockey, rugby, golf, speedway, football, cycling and can say that those players have given a good account of themselves and their sport.
I firmly believe that a player of any sport has a responsiblity to promote themselves, club, sponsor and sport no matter what they are doing. And if you are fortunate enough to be an olympian let alone a gold medalist you have a great responsibility as you are more well known. I can say that the other 3 or 4 adventure racers we encountered did do this. Some even managing a quick thank you as our group moved out of the way to let them past on the fell running stage.


4 thoughts on “Olympians Should Acted Like It

  1. Whilst i agree with the comments about the 4 letter tyraid (although id really love to know in what context and also how it was interpreted by the scouts) and observing the country code etc i’m interested in the comment “if you are fortunate enough to be an Olympian”

    I’m not sure being fortunate comes into it given the hours, days, weeks and years of hard work that any top performer in any sport has to put into it. Not to mention the sacrifices they and their families inevitably have to make to ensure they are at the top of their game. Not to mention the likely financial implications given the available funding.

    Whilst they are indeed fortunate to be able to pursue their dreams and spend their days doing an activity they love instead of a mundane 9-5 job they work hard to be able to be even considered for selection for top championships and or Olympics, should they be lucky enough.

    Again, i agree about poor language, however given that these athletes (all in the Adidas Terex C2C are athletes) are pushing themselves to the limits everyday and in Cracknell’s case is competing in a new sport which makes amazingly excessive demands on the body (I know as an Ultra Runner) and in addition coming back from a life threatening illness i suspect this was an impulsive comment in extreme circumstances.

    • All Olympians and sports persons at the highest level are fortunate. They are blessed with a skill and have had an opportunity which has allowed them to represent their sport and their country at the highest level. I could train all day every day and never play professional hockey. That is not to say they have not worked hard just that there are natural factors that separate top sports stars from the rest.
      For clarity the context was that a group of about 6 people were walking up Catbells at the same time that a group of about 4 competitors on the fell running leg were making their way down. The group moved to the side of the path to let the group past at which point someone said to the others isn’t that James Cracknell to which he responded with his outburst on his way past. The other competitors either ignored those of us on the side or did say thank you very quickly for letting them past. No one spoke directly to Mr Cracknell or got in his way.
      The scouts were rather bemused by the situation to be honest. The point being of course that because of Mr Cracknell’s life and achievements these impressionable youths had an opportunity to see a role model in action. Someone who proves hard work does pay off and lead to great things but instead they were on the end of an outburst. Call it fatigue or adrenaline or impulsive there is no need for it or excuse for it. After all his fellow competitors did not respond in the same manner and instead of being able to talk about the great things the James Cracknell has achieved and done with the scouts we had to talk about his negative behaviour. Youths will always mimic peers and role models.

      • Well in context it is indeed a great shame that James Cracknell felt the need to respond in such a manner. I personally thank everyone that makes way for me be i walking, running or on a bike and if people are being courteous everyone should be polite enough to do the same!

        It would be certainly be interesting to hear his feedback on the matter wouldn’t it!

  2. “JamesCracknell James Cracknell
    Toys inexcusably thrown out my pram descending fells #adidasAR but had a grt time, 2nd okay. Thx to volunteers & grt work to all finishers!”

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