2011 Hockey Tour Day One

It is around about 15 years to the day that I first watched ice hockey. It was a 5-5 tie between the Manchester Storm and the Ayr Scottish Eagles. So returning again to see a successful Manchester was an exciting event. The Altrincham Ice Dome may not be the Manchester Evening News Arena but the fans, noise and sport are still there. Even if there aren’t as many fans.

The game itself is not great. Manchester had started the season with injury problems and it showed as they struggled to get into any flow. Passes seemingly to a someone who they thought would be there and had gone a different way.

Manchester’s opposition tonight was another team I remember fondly from my early hockey days, Basingstoke. The reason I remember them so fondly is for one save in a play off tie. Manchester Storm had pulled goalie Grant Sjevern when Basingstoke broke away. With a seemingly empty net the shot was taken only for Grant Sjevern to have sprinted from the bench to make the a diving save.

Tonight however they also seemed to be content to wait for their chances and taken them and that they did. 2 break away goals shorthand and redirect on the powerplay and they win the game 3-0.

As for us it is onwards to the airport and the flight to Stockholm. Next game is a struggling Djurgarden side against Elitserien high flyers Frolunda at the Royal Court, Hovet.


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