Live Action in UK but at the Wrong Game

It is hard to fault the overall work done by the EIHL Sky Sports team. Each week their highlight show prompts the EIHL and ice hockey to wider audience than it could just through a website. This season has also seen a number of Friday night live games being mixed in to the rotation. This has been great for the sport and again brought the sport to a mass audience during prime time.

However you must question Friday night’s choice of televised games. The Sky Sports cameras where in Braehead to see the Clan play the Devils in a mid table match up with the two teams fighting for the coveted fourth place. Whilst this game was going on in Glasgow, down the road in Sheffield the top two where meeting in a potentially title deciding match up. It is understood that the live games do try to show every team in the league but surely the decision makers would have seen some months ago that the Sheffield against Belfast tie at this point of the season would be more relevant to the title race than the Braehead Cardiff match up.

The UK has an action packed league if only Sky Sports would realise this and so live games more often so the right games can be shown at the right time.



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