Moria Calls it a Day

Steve Moria is a name so widely associated with British ice hockey it is hard to believe that it will not be appearing on the back of a shirt again in this country. Moria now aged 52 is an extreme rarity in British ice hockey. Whilst many of the names from the pre Superleague and professional era of the sport in the UK drifted away long ago Moria’s remained icing not only during in the Superleague era but into the Elite League age as well.

Moria icing for the Cardiff Devils

In world hockey terms Moria could be described as the Gordie Howe of British ice hockey; an ever-present force that has lasted in the sport longer than leagues or teams have. There are entire generations that have grown up watching the sport in the UK that were not even born when Moria first played in this country.

Steve Moria announced his retirement

Steve Moria first arrived in the UK with the Fife Flyers in 1986 after a season and half in the AHL and a 3 year career at the University of Alaska (Fairbanks). A constant threat in front of goal Moria scored 151 points in just 22 games during his first season.

After another season in Fife the lure of big money introduced Moria to the club at which he will probably be most remembered, the Cardiff Devils. Moria spend 10 seasons in the Welsh capital during 2 spells at the club and during the 1989/ 1990 season hit 245 points. Although that was pre professionalism in the UK the secret to his longevity in the sport was his point scoring that continued into the Superleague and Elite League years; in 2004 netting 61 points for the Basingstoke Bison.

Towards the end of his career Moria made the move to the English Premier League and still remained a goal scorer. In 2009 Moria netted 42 goals and 63 assists to score over a 100 points at the age of 47.

As well playing for 9 clubs in total in the UK, Moria represented the Great Britain side between 1996 and 2000 and coached the Basingstoke Bison and Slough Jets as continuing to play.

Moria has been a servant to the sport in UK and will be missed by all that his played with if not that missed by his opponents. Moria looks set to return to Cardiff once more to take up the vacant director of hockey role.


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