EVENT: 2012 Trans Tasman Champions League

For the first the best sides Australia and New Zealand will meet. It will feature the winners and runners up from both the AIHL and the NZIHL. Tickets are proving popular.


Medibank Ice House, Melbourne



7th – 8th July


Tickets go on sale May 30th and can be purchased on-line HERE for $95 per adult and $45 per child for a tournament pass (including reserved seating and Saturday social event pass).

Single game tickets can be purchased for $25 per adult and $12.50 per child.


Saturday 7 July:
4.00pm   (AIHL) Melbourne Ice vs Southern Stampede (NZIHL)
7.30pm   (NZIHL) Botany Swarm vs Newcastle North Stars (AIHL)

Sunday 8 July:
4.00pm  (AIHL) Newcastle North Stars vs Southern Stampede (NZIHL)
7.30pm  (AIHL) Melbourne Ice vs Botany Swarm (NZIHL)

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