is looking for partners and beer company sponsors | GETREALHAMMERED.COM

Our Patrners at the Getreal team is organizing a big event around the launch of a (app and website) based on it being part of the Getreal family of sites and it having the Getreal attitude.

You can get a feel of the Getreal attitude by clicking on this link and listening to our theme song. will be supported by online advertising and it will be profiled on all Getreal sites.

We are developing an app for the website and we are planning a North American and European tour of sports bars. is looking for a beer company sponsor to help pay the expenses of the tour.

The sponsor will get access to the Getreal network of website including social media (50,000+ followers) through our twitter, linkedin, tumblr, and pinterest accounts. We can advertise product and blog reviews of the sponsors products. The sponsor will also get mentioned in all blog posts about the sponsor bar tour.

The sports bar tour will also be put on video and posted on You Tube.

The plan is to have multiple media interviews (morning shows, radio, sports shows) which could be a good source of advertising for the beer sponsor. is also looking for other partners who think they could contribute to this effort. Other potential partners could include sound people and PR people. The end goal here would be to commit this idea to TV (reality show). It has natural appeal to the beer drinking and sports watching demographic. It has the potential to be funny, sexy, and fun. It would have elements of Jersey Shore, Girls Gone Wild, and halftime at the Super Bowl. is part of the Getreal group of websites. We also run:


We also expect to have the following websites up in the next 30 days: and

If you want to find out more about working with please email us @ is looking for partners and beer company sponsors | GETREALHAMMERED.COM.


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