TEAMS: HC Slavia Praha (ExtraLiga) HC Sparta Praha (Extraliga) HC Kobra Praha (2.Liga) HC Rytiri Kladno (ExtraLiga)


Slavia – O2 Prague – take the underground to Českomoravská, this is used for most games however some pre season games may take place at Zimni Stadion Eden. To get to Zimni Stadion Eden take the number 6 tram from the town center.

Sparta – Tipsort (Tesla) Arena Prague – take the tram to outside the carpark of the arena.

Kobra – Zimni Stadion Kobra

Rytiri Kladno – Kladno Zimni Stadion, take the airport bus from Prague to the town of Kladno.

TICKETS:  Tickets can be bought at the game for most ties or in advance via the ticket agents. Games between Sparta and Slavia will sell out quickly as will cames with Karlovy Vary. Some areas of the stadium may be only available to fan club members.

WHERE TO EAT: There are plenty of great places to eat but stay off Wenceslas Square and avoid the Castle if you want to keep the cost down. For drinks there are many and varied places depending on your tastes but avoid Wenceslas Square if you want a quietier night.

WHERE TO STAY: Hotels can vary greatly in price so look around but you can pay a premium to stay near to Wenceslas Square.

OTHER THINGS TO SEE: Wenceslas Square is a hit with the National Museum at the top of it but also wonder around the Castle and the old town as there are lots great shops and little bits to see.




DPP – Prague Public Transport


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