TEAMS: Belfast Giants (EIHL)

VENUE: Odyssey Arena, Belfast City Centre

TICKETS: Available on the night or from Odyssey Arena box office.

WHERE TO EAT: Belfast city centre has a number of great places to eat. One is The Sun Inn that has a large restaurant upstairs and serves some fantastic steaks. If you are looking to sample the local night life tho there are a number of great bars in the city centre including the oldest bar in Northern Ireland.  However whilst most of the trouble and terrorist activity in Northern Ireland has now past there can be individual and isolated incidents in some outer laying regions of the city so travellers are advised to stay in the city centre.

WHERE TO STAY: The city centre has a number of hotels to suit all budgets and in walking distance of the arena.

OTHER THINGS TO SEE: Belfast is renowned for its night life and food but also has plenty of shops. For something a little different a trip to the dock where the Titanic was built could be on the agenda.


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