Hockey Events

This events page is here to give hockey fans a reference point for some global hockey events. If you know of another event taking place let us know Also check out our travel guides to the cities.

May 2013

3rd – 19th IIHF World Championships – Helsinki and Stockholm

April 2013

14th – 20th April: Mens World Championships Division 1 Group ABudapest, Hungary

6th – 7th April: EIHL Playoff Finals – NIC, Nottingham, England

6th – 7th April: EPL Playoff Finals – Skydome, Coventry, England

26th – 5th May: CJHL Western Canada CupNaniamo, Vancouver Island, Bristish Columbia, Canada

January 2013

11th – 13th January – Super Final IIHF Continental Cup – Donetsk, Ukraine

1st: NHL Winter Classic – Ann Arbour, Michigan, USA

December 2012

26th – 5th January: Spengler Cup – Davos, Switzerland

13th – 16th: European Trophy Finals Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia

November 2012

23rd – 25th November – 3rd Round IIHF Continental Cup – Group D Bolzano, Italy/ Group E Stavanger, Norway

8th – 11th: Mens Pre Olympic Qualification Tournament Group J – Japan

8th – 11th: Womens Pre Olympic Qualification Tournament Group E – Shanghai, China

October 2012

19th – 21st – 2nd Round IIHF Continetal Cup – Group B Landshut, Germany/ Group C Vaasa, Finland

September 2012

28th – 30th – 1st Round IIHF Continental Cup – Miercurea Ciuc, Romania

July 2012

7th – 8th: Trans Tasman Champions LeagueMelbourne, Australia

May 2012

5th – 7th: UK Junior Inter-Conference Championship TournamentHull, East Yorkshire, UK

April 2012

15th – 21st: IIHF World Champions Division 1 Group A – Ljubljana, Slovenia

14th – 15th: EPL Playoff Finals – Coventry, Midlands, UK

9th – 15th: Women’s World Championships Divison 1 Group BHull East Yorkshire, Uk

7th – 8th: EIHL Playoff finals – NIC, Nottingham


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